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Many businesses waste a great deal of money and lose a great deal of sales through lack of control or awareness. This can manifest itself many ways:

·    Companies still spend a great deal on post whether it be direct mail, transactional mail or mail in support of e-commerce.
o   A greater understanding of the options available: carriers, schemes, stakeholders can lead to substantial savings and improved performance and greater sales.

·    Poor quality management, in terms of operational or environmentally, can lead to disappointed customers, poor customer satisfaction, reduced sales and reduction in profitability.
o   Awareness of operational standards and solutions that are available to help business, could reduce this churn and improve customer satisfaction and sales.

·    Companies will and do lose money and customers through poor management of their data and data assets.
o   Simple audits can identify problem areas and remedy situations.

I enjoy working with businesses to ensure they reduce any waste and improve sales by taking control and being aware of opportunities that are available.

We can work together to:

·    Identify key areas of postal savings, determine most effective products and carriers and engage with key stakeholders who can optimise your postal expenditure.
o   In so doing increase sales, reduce cost and increase profit.

·    Identify problem areas in operational processes and quality management and provide a range of solutions from operational process change through to industry standard accreditation.
o   In so doing improved efficiency, reduction in customer loss, improved sales.

·    Identify problems in data management within the organisation through a simple audit of data processes. Provide remedial solutions to improve data management.
o   In so doing improved efficiency, reduction in customer loss, improved sales.

Want to reduce waste within your company, let’s talk.

E-mail me on david.robottom1960@btinternet.com

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